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Citizen Bill Center is the public-access portion of State Bill Colorado. In 2006, we became the first legislation-tracking service to offer a comprehensive search of Colorado's pending bills - at no charge - as a public service. This page can be searched and sorted how you want. You can save bills in three formats: HTML, WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat. You can also e-mail bills to others.

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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB17-1312 Residential Lease Copy And Rent Receipt 3/31/17
T. Exum | A. Benavidez / D. Moreno
HB17-1311 Seller's Disclosure Estimated Future Property Tax 3/31/17
M. Weissman | D. Michaelson Jenet / A. Williams
HB17-1310 Residential Landlord Application Screening Fee 3/31/17
D. Jackson | C. Kennedy / S. Fenberg
HB17-1309 Documentary Fee To Fund Affordable Housing 3/31/17
F. Winter | D. Jackson / D. Coram | L. Guzman
SJR17-028 Space Symposium 3/30/17
B. Gardner / M. Weissman | T. Carver
SJR17-027 Expand Stroke Treatment Access 3/30/17
L. Guzman | J. Tate / S. Beckman | C. Duran
SB17-274 Nonadmitted Insurers Disability Surplus Lines Insurance 3/30/17
C. Holbert / A. Garnett
SB17-273 Manufacturer's List Price For Tobacco Products Tax 3/30/17
A. Williams | O. Hill
SB17-272 Measures Of Postsecondary And Workforce Readiness 3/30/17
K. Priola / P. Lundeen | B. Pettersen
SB17-271 Investor-owned Utility Cost Recovery Transparency 3/30/17
J. Cooke / D. Pabon
SB17-270 Transportation Legislation Review Committee Examine License Plate Replacement 3/30/17
R. Baumgardner / J. Melton
SB17-269 Retail Liquor Store Sales Revenue Nonalcohol Goods 3/30/17
V. Marble | I. Aguilar / H. McKean | F. Winter
SB17-268 Pharmacy Technician Supervision Ratio 3/30/17
A. Kerr | J. Smallwood / J. Ginal | K. Ransom
HJR17-1021 Cesar Chavez Day 3/30/17
D. Pabon | A. Benavidez / I. Aguilar | D. Moreno
HB17-1308 Individualized Conditions Of Parole 3/30/17
J. Salazar | L. Sias / J. Cooke | D. Kagan
HB17-1307 Family And Medical Leave Insurance Program Wage Replacement 3/30/17
F. Winter / D. Moreno | R. Fields
HCR17-1001 Modify Operations Of The General Assembly 3/29/17
P. Lundeen
HB17-1306 Test Lead In Public Schools' Drinking Water 3/29/17
T. Exum | B. McLachlan / D. Coram
HB17-1305 Limits On Job Applicant Criminal History Inquiries 3/29/17
J. Melton | M. Foote / L. Guzman
HB17-1304 Adoptee Present In-state Exception 3/29/17
J. Singer | K. Ransom / J. Kefalas | J. Smallwood
SJM17-002 Memorializing Senator Robert Martinez 3/28/17
D. Moreno | B. Martinez Humenik / A. Benavidez | D. Michaelson Jenet
HB17-1303 Judicial Performance Evaluation System And Commissions 3/28/17
C. Wist | P. Lee / B. Gardner | D. Kagan
HB17-1302 Juvenile Sexting Crime 3/28/17
Y. Willett | P. Lee / B. Gardner | R. Fields
HB17-1301 No Withholding Student Transcripts For Library Fines 3/28/17
D. Michaelson Jenet / C. Holbert | R. Fields
HB17-1300 Apprentice Utilization In Public Projects 3/28/17
A. Benavidez / D. Moreno