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Citizen Bill Center is the public-access portion of State Bill Colorado. In 2006, we became the first legislation-tracking service to offer a comprehensive search of Colorado's pending bills - at no charge - as a public service. This page can be searched and sorted how you want. You can save bills in three formats: HTML, WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat. You can also e-mail bills to others.

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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB17-1227 Electric Demand-side Management Program Extension 3/7/17
F. Winter | P. Lawrence / S. Fenberg | K. Priola
HB17-1226 Make Daylight Saving Time Year-round Standard Time 3/7/17
P. Covarrubias | D. Pabon
HB17-1225 Electric Regional Transmission Organization Hearing 3/7/17
C. Hansen
HB17-1224 Misbranded Adulterated Counterfeit Drugs Penalty 3/7/17
T. Kraft-Tharp / B. Gardner
HB17-1223 OSA Office of the State Auditor Fraud Hotline 3/7/17
L. Saine | T. Kraft-Tharp / C. Jahn | T. Neville
HB17-1222 Create Family Caregiver Support Fund Tax Check-off 3/7/17
L. Landgraf / B. Gardner
SB17-211 Contractor Surety Bonds For Public Projects 3/3/17
R. Scott
SB17-210 Motor Vehicle Manufacturer And Distributor Stop-sale 3/3/17
R. Scott
SB17-209 Various Changes For Access To Ballot By Candidates 3/3/17
K. Priola / M. Weissman
SB17-208 Machine Tool Sales Tax Exempt Construction Material Mine 3/3/17
K. Priola
SB17-207 Strengthen Colorado Behavioral Health Crisis System 3/3/17
J. Cooke | D. Kagan / L. Sias | J. Salazar
SB17-206 Out-of-network Providers Payments Patient Notice 3/3/17
B. Gardner / J. Singer
HB17-1221 Grey And Black Market Marijuana Enforcement Efforts 3/2/17
Y. Willett | D. Pabon / I. Aguilar | J. Cooke
HB17-1220 Prevent Marijuana Diversion To Illegal Market 3/2/17
C. Wist | K. Becker / B. Gardner | R. Fields
HB17-1219 Extend Colorado Water Conservation Board Fallowing And Leasing Pilot Program 3/2/17
J. Arndt | B. McLachlan / K. Donovan | L. Crowder
HB17-1218 Share Financial Institution Information Other Regulators 3/2/17
A. Garnett / K. Priola
SJR17-014 Colorado Arc Day 2/28/17
I. Aguilar | B. Gardner / S. Lontine | L. Sias
SB17-205 Multimodal Transportation Infrastructure Funding 2/28/17
J. Kefalas / P. Rosenthal
SB17-204 Improper Denial Of Property And Casualty Claims 2/28/17
K. Priola / P. Lawrence
SB17-203 Prohibit Carrier From Requiring Alternative Drug 2/28/17
N. Todd / C. Kennedy | P. Covarrubias
SB17-202 Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects 2/28/17
D. Coram / D. Esgar
SB17-201 Sunset Domestic Violence Offender Management Board 2/28/17
R. Fields | J. Cooke
SB17-200 Reward Excellence With Annual Redirected Dollars 2/28/17
K. Priola / C. Navarro
SB17-199 Retail Liquor Stores Additional Licenses 2/28/17
A. Kerr | T. Neville / L. Liston | F. Winter
HB17-1217 State Historical Society Governance 2/28/17
F. Winter | L. Saine / K. Donovan | J. Smallwood