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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HJR18-1012 Medicaid Eligibility Detained Individuals 4/5/18
A. Benavidez | D. Michaelson Jenet / L. Crowder | R. Fields
HB18-1366 Allow Local College District To Sell Or Lease Property 4/5/18
D. Roberts / K. Donovan
HB18-1365 Primary Care Infrastructure Creation 4/5/18
J. Ginal | L. Sias / K. Priola | D. Moreno
HB18-1364 Sunset Colorado Council Persons With Disabilities 4/5/18
D. Michaelson Jenet | L. Landgraf / B. Martinez Humenik | R. Zenzinger
HB18-1363 Recommendations Of Child Support Commission 4/5/18
J. Singer / L. Crowder
HB18-1362 Drunk And Impaired Driving Task Force Membership 4/5/18
J. Arndt / J. Tate
HB18-1361 Eligibility For Veteran Vietnam War License Plate 4/5/18
T. Exum | D. Valdez / A. Williams
SB18-230 Modify Laws Drilling Units Pooling Orders 4/4/18
V. Marble / L. Saine
HB18-1360 Increase Number Historical Society Board Members 4/4/18
F. Winter | P. Lawrence / B. Martinez Humenik | N. Todd
HB18-1359 Colorado Charitable Contribution Income Tax Deduction 4/4/18
A. Benavidez | D. Pabon
HB18-1358 Health Care Charges Billing Required Disclosures 4/4/18
M. Foote | S. Beckman / K. Lundberg | I. Aguilar
HB18-1357 Behavioral Health Care Ombudsperson Parity Reports 4/4/18
D. Michaelson Jenet / B. Gardner | A. Williams
HB18-1356 Add Cross Reference to Failure To Register Crime 4/4/18
D. Thurlow / D. Moreno
SCR18-001 Repeal Of The State Board Of Education 4/3/18
M. Merrifield / J. Arndt
HB18-1355 Public Education Accountability System 4/3/18
B. Pettersen | L. Sias / B. Gardner | D. Moreno
HB18-1354 Powersports Vehicle Written Warranties 4/3/18
H. McKean / R. Zenzinger
HB18-1353 Defense Counsel In Municipal Court Grant Program 4/3/18
S. Lontine | T. Carver / V. Marble
HB18-1352 Oil And Gas Facilities Distance From School Property 4/3/18
M. Foote | M. Gray / M. Jones | I. Aguilar
SR18-003 Expulsion Of Senator Randy L. Baumgardner 4/2/18
I. Aguilar
SB18-229 Colorado Department of Education Student Teacher Criminal History Record Checks 4/2/18
B. Martinez Humenik / K. Ransom | B. McLachlan
SB18-228 Improving School Choice In Traditional Schools 4/2/18
O. Hill / K. Van Winkle
SB18-227 Pet Animal Care Facilities Act PACFA Continuation 4/2/18
B. Martinez Humenik
SB18-226 Prohibit Colorado Involvement Climate Alliance 4/2/18
K. Lundberg | J. Cooke / Y. Willett
SB18-225 Definition Of Early College High Schools 4/2/18
K. Lambert / M. Hamner
SB18-224 Subsidization Adoption Special Needs 4/2/18
J. Smallwood