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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
SB17-146 Access To Prescription Drug Monitoring Program 1/31/17
C. Jahn / J. Ginal
SB17-145 Electric Utility Distribution Grid Resource Acquisition Plan 1/31/17
S. Fenberg / M. Foote
SB17-144 Sunset Review Education Data Advisory Committee 1/31/17
O. Hill | R. Zenzinger / B. Pettersen
SB17-143 Cleanup Alcohol Beverage Retail Sales 1/31/17
A. Williams / A. Garnett | D. Nordberg
SB17-142 Breast Density Notification Required 1/31/17
A. Williams / J. Danielson
SB17-141 Low-risk Sex Offender Community-based Treatment 1/31/17
I. Aguilar / L. Herod
SB17-140 Torrens Title Registration System 1/31/17
J. Sonnenberg / J. Becker | J. Arndt
SB17-139 Extend Credit For Out-of-state Tobacco Sales 1/31/17
A. Williams | O. Hill / D. Pabon
SB17-138 Election Watchers 1/31/17
J. Tate / M. Foote
SB17-137 Sunset Health Service Corps Advisory Council 1/31/17
N. Todd | M. Merrifield / D. Jackson
SB17-136 Reporting And Limiting Civil Forfeiture 1/31/17
D. Kagan | T. Neville / S. Humphrey | L. Herod
SB17-135 Remove Medical Release Requirement For Animal Chiropractic 1/31/17
V. Marble / K. Lewis
SB17-134 Alcohol Beverage Licensee Penalty Application 1/31/17
J. Tate / D. Nordberg | L. Herod
SB17-133 Insurance Commissioner Investigation Of Provider Complaints 1/31/17
J. Tate / D. Young
SB17-132 Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts 1/31/17
B. Gardner / C. Wist
SB17-131 Uniform Wage Garnishment Act 1/31/17
B. Gardner
SB17-130 Sprinkler Fitter Registration Minimum Experience Requirements 1/31/17
K. Priola
SB17-129 Clerk And Recorder Preserve Plats Electronically 1/31/17
J. Sonnenberg / J. Becker | J. Arndt
HR17-1005 Reproductive Health Care Access 1/31/17
J. Salazar | L. Herod
HB17-1136 Consistent Statutes For Electronic Filing Of Taxes 1/31/17
M. Foote / B. Gardner
HJR17-1013 Rescind Executive Order Regarding Immigration 1/30/17
D. Michaelson Jenet | C. Hansen / M. Merrifield | R. Fields
HB17-1135 Portability Background Checks Child Care Workers 1/30/17
J. Bridges / K. Priola
HB17-1134 Hold Colorado Government Accountable Sanctuary Jurisdictions 1/30/17
D. Williams / V. Marble
HB17-1133 Repeal SOS Secretary of State Annual Report UCC Uniform Commericial Code Filing-office Rules 1/30/17
D. Nordberg | E. Hooton / D. Moreno | J. Tate
HB17-1132 Judicial Disqualification In Civil Actions 1/30/17
P. Lundeen / B. Gardner