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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
SB17-035 Tampering With Oil And Gas Equipment 1/11/17
J. Sonnenberg
SB17-034 Disaster Emergency Transfers From County General Funds 1/11/17
K. Lundberg | M. Jones / H. McKean | M. Foote
SB17-033 Delegate Dispensing Over-the-counter Medications 1/11/17
I. Aguilar / P. Lawrence
SB17-032 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Access 1/11/17
M. Merrifield
SB17-031 Reporting Requirements By Department Of Corrections To General Assembly 1/11/17
J. Tate / J. Arndt
SB17-030 Exempt Injectable Anabolic Steroids For Cattle 1/11/17
R. Baumgardner
SB17-029 Funding For Full-day Kindergarten 1/11/17
A. Kerr / B. Pettersen
SB17-028 Healthy Families And Military Preparedness Act 1/11/17
B. Gardner / D. Nordberg
SB17-027 Increase Penalty Texting While Driving 1/11/17
L. Court / J. Melton
SB17-026 State Engineer Statutes Cleanup 1/11/17
J. Sonnenberg / J. Arndt
SB17-025 Marijuana Education Materials Resource Bank 1/11/17
R. Baumgardner | C. Holbert / J. Singer
SB17-024 Clarify Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities Hearsay Exception 1/11/17
R. Fields / D. Young
SB17-023 Register Athlete Agents Revised Uniform Act 2015 1/11/17
B. Gardner
SB17-022 Rural Economic Advancement Of Colorado Towns 1/11/17
K. Donovan
SB17-021 Assistance To Released Mentally Ill Offenders 1/11/17
B. Martinez Humenik / J. Singer
SB17-020 Fire and Police Pension Association Statewide Plan Election Approval Standard 1/11/17
J. Cooke / J. Ginal | J. Melton
SB17-019 Medication Mental Illness In Justice Systems 1/11/17
B. Martinez Humenik / J. Singer
SB17-018 Statutory Revision Committee Senate Bill 16-146 Fix 1/11/17
D. Moreno / J. Arndt
SB17-017 Allow Medical Marijuana Use For Stress Disorders 1/11/17
I. Aguilar / J. Singer
SB17-016 County Choice Child Protection Teams 1/11/17
C. Jahn | T. Neville / D. Nordberg
SB17-015 Unlawful Marijuana Advertising 1/11/17
I. Aguilar / D. Pabon
SB17-014 Limits On Underground Storage Tank Regulation 1/11/17
D. Coram | R. Baumgardner / J. Becker
SB17-013 Fire and Police Pension Association Multi-employer Deferred Compensation Plan Document 1/11/17
M. Jones / K. Van Winkle | J. Danielson
SB17-012 Competency Restoration Services And Education 1/11/17
B. Martinez Humenik / P. Lee
SB17-011 Study Transportation Access For People With Disabilities 1/11/17
K. Lambert / P. Lawrence