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Citizen Bill Center is the public-access portion of State Bill Colorado. In 2006, we became the first legislation-tracking service to offer a comprehensive search of Colorado's pending bills - at no charge - as a public service. This page can be searched and sorted how you want. You can save bills in three formats: HTML, WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat. You can also e-mail bills to others.

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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB17-1319 Appraisals For Insurance Claims 4/4/17
L. Sias
HB17-1318 Division Of Insurance Annual Report Pharmaceutical Costs Data 4/4/17
J. Ginal / D. Coram | J. Kefalas
HB17-1317 State Historical Society Authority To Sell Property 4/4/17
D. Esgar | C. Hansen / R. Baumgardner | J. Kefalas
HB17-1316 Delay Implementation Of House Bill 16-1309 4/4/17
S. Lontine / V. Marble
SB17-284 A Woman's Right To Accurate Health Care Information 4/3/17
K. Lundberg | V. Marble / K. Ransom | L. Saine
SB17-283 Clarify Discrimination And Right To Disagree 4/3/17
K. Lundberg
SB17-282 Dedicate Reservoir Release Environmental Purposes 4/3/17
J. Sonnenberg / D. Esgar | H. McKean
SB17-281 Hold Colorado Government Accountable Sanctuary Jurisdictions 4/3/17
V. Marble | T. Neville / P. Covarrubias | D. Williams
HJR17-1022 Equal Pay Day 4/3/17
J. Danielson | D. Jackson / K. Donovan | A. Kerr
HB17-1315 Require Division Of Criminal Justice To Report Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs and Alcohol Data 4/3/17
J. Singer | P. Lawrence / R. Fields | B. Gardner
HB17-1314 Colorado Right To Rest Act 4/3/17
J. Salazar | J. Melton
HB17-1313 Civil Forfeiture Reform 4/3/17
L. Herod | S. Humphrey / T. Neville | D. Kagan
SB17-280 Extending The Economic Development Commission 3/31/17
J. Tate / D. Thurlow | T. Kraft-Tharp
SB17-279 Applicability Recent Urban Renewal Legislation 3/31/17
B. Martinez Humenik | R. Zenzinger / M. Gray | S. Beckman
SB17-278 Prohibit Nuisance Exhibition Motor Vehicle Exhaust 3/31/17
D. Coram / J. Ginal
SB17-277 Application Of Foreign Law Colorado Courts 3/31/17
V. Marble / T. Leonard
SB17-276 Alleviate Fiscal Impact State Rules Small Business 3/31/17
T. Neville / P. Neville
SB17-275 Marijuana Pesticides Test Medical Effectiveness 3/31/17
C. Jahn | R. Baumgardner / J. Melton | J. Singer
HJM17-1001 Memorializing Former Senator William L. Armstrong 3/31/17
L. Saine | K. Ransom / K. Lundberg | C. Holbert
HB17-1312 Residential Lease Copy And Rent Receipt 3/31/17
A. Benavidez | T. Exum / B. Martinez Humenik | D. Moreno
HB17-1311 Seller's Disclosure Estimated Future Property Tax 3/31/17
D. Michaelson Jenet | M. Weissman / A. Williams
HB17-1310 Residential Landlord Application Screening Fee 3/31/17
D. Jackson | C. Kennedy / S. Fenberg
HB17-1309 Documentary Fee To Fund Affordable Housing 3/31/17
F. Winter | D. Jackson / D. Coram | L. Guzman
SJR17-028 Space Symposium 3/30/17
B. Gardner / M. Weissman | T. Carver
SJR17-027 Expand Stroke Treatment Access 3/30/17
L. Guzman | J. Tate / C. Duran | S. Beckman