2012 Tuition

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SB12-015Creating Optional Category Of Higher Ed Tuition GIRON Unless the governing board of an institution of higher education (institution) adopts a policy stating that it will not offer standard-rate tuition, the bill requires an institution of higher education to classify a student, other than certain foreign students or trainees defined in federal law, as a standard-rate student for tuition purposes so long as the student: * Attended a public or private high school in Colorado for 3 or more years immediately preceding the date the student graduated from a Colorado high school or earned a general educational development certificate (certificate) in Colorado; and * Is admitted to an institution in Colorado within 12 months after graduating from high school or earning a certificate. The bill provides a one-year exception to the eligibility requirements for a student who meets all of the eligibility requirements but was not admitted to an institution within 12 months after graduating from high school or earning a certificate. The exception is repealed after one year. A student applying for the tuition classification who does not have documentation of lawful immigration or nationality status shall submit an affidavit to the institution stating that he or she is requesting documentation of, has applied for, or will be applying for, lawful status as soon as he or she is eligible. The information contained in the affidavit is confidential and is a protected education record of the student. A student classified as a standard-rate student is not eligible for a college opportunity fund stipend or for any state-funded, need-based financial aid. Eligibility for the tuition classification is not based upon residency. A student classified as a standard-rate student for tuition purposes shall not be counted as a resident, and the tuition classification shall not be deemed to establish residency or domicile for any purpose. A student paying standard-rate tuition shall pay the student's share of in-state tuition plus an amount equal to the college opportunity fund stipend awarded to in-state students. Verification of lawful presence in the United States is not required for persons applying for the tuition classification. 04/25/2012 House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely
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