2012 Water

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HB12-1022Establish Mines Water Replacement Reqmnt SONNENBERG / SCHWARTZ Water Resources Review Committee. Some mining operations construct impermeable areas that capture precipitation and eliminate preexisting natural evapotranspiration. Current law requires that the portion of the captured precipitation that historically reached the stream must be replaced to prevent injury to senior water rights. However, capturing the amount of water that was lost through plant transpiration or evaporation does not increase the actual stream depletions caused by the mining operation because the evapotranspiration did not historically reach the stream. Current law does not give the mine operator any credit for this reduction in evapotranspiration when calculating the obligation to replace stream depletions unless it is a sand and gravel mine. The bill specifies that for all permitted mining operations, there will be no requirement to replace the amount of historic natural depletion to the waters of the state that was caused by the preexisting natural evapotranspiration on the surface of an area that will be, or that has been, eliminated or made impermeable. 03/15/2012 Governor Action - Signed
NOT ON CALENDARGov. Hickenlooper signs several bills
HB12-1078Exempt Drinking Water Cert Designation VIGIL / SCHWARTZ H.B. 12-1078 Solid wastes - disposal site and facility - certificate of designation - exemption for drinking water treatment facilities. Current law requires a drinking water treatment facility that stores, treats, or processes solid wastes originating at the facility to get a certificate of designation from the local municipality or board of county commissioners. Such facilities are regulated by both the solid and hazardous waste commission and the water quality control commission. The act exempts these facilities from the requirement to get a certificate of designation as a solid wastes disposal site and facility regardless of when the solid wastes were handled, and allows a drinking water treatment facility to dispose of drinking water treatment residuals that were generated on-site on the facility's property in compliance with the rules of the solid and hazardous waste commission for waste impoundments and solid wastes disposal. APPROVED by Governor March 22, 2012 EFFECTIVE August 8, 2012 NOTE: This act was passed without a safety clause. 03/22/2012 Governor Action - Signed
NOT ON CALENDARRelease: Gov. Hickenlooper signs several bills
SB12-017Prohibit Water Quality Standards Regs Nutrients KING S. The bill prohibits the water quality control commission from adopting numeric criteria for a water control standard or control regulation regarding nitrogen or phosphorus. 02/08/2012 Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Postpone Indefinitely
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