(Positions are staff recommendations until ratified or otherwise determined by the CML Executive Board)

Bill # StaffPI'd/SignedPositionShort TitleSponsorsMost Recent Status
HB14-1001Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Tax Credit For Prop Destroyed By A Natural Cause SINGER / NICHOLSON 05/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1002Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Support Water Infrastructure Natural Disaster Grant Fund YOUNG / JONES 05/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1004Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor CDPS Emer Mgmt Entities & Disaster Assistance FOOTE / NICHOLSON 02/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1005Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Support Relocate Ditch Headgate Without Change Case SONNENBERG / LUNDBERG 05/16/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1006Mark Radkte Signed by Governor Monitor Tax Remittance For Local Marketing Districts SINGER / LUNDBERG 05/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1008Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Allow CWRPDA Private Entity Forest Health Loans HAMNER 05/12/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1010Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Corrections To Prescribed Burning Program Laws HAMNER 05/12/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1017Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Support Expand Availability Of Affordable Housing DURAN / ULIBARRI 05/29/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1021Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Highway Restriction Violation Penalties MITSCH BUSH 05/15/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1026Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Water Flexible Markets FISCHER / SCHWARTZ 05/01/2014 Senate Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources, & Energy Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1027Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Plug-in Electric Motor Vehicle Definition FISCHER / JONES 02/19/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1028Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Oppose Federal Special Use Permit Water Rights SONNENBERG / ROBERTS 05/05/2014 Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1029Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Disabled Parking License Plates Placards PRIMAVERA / TODD Governor Signed
HB14-1030Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Hydroelectric Generation Incentive CORAM / SCHWARTZ 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1032Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Defense Counsel For Juvenile Offenders KAGAN / GUZMAN 05/21/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1034Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Wine Packaging Permits WILLIAMS / JAHN 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1037Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Enforcing Laws Against Designer Drugs LANDGRAF / BAUMGARDNER 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1038Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Oppose Tastings Alcohol Beverages Other Manufacturers WILSON 01/21/2014 House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1041Meghan Storrie Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Concealed Handgun Carry Without Permit WRIGHT / GRANTHAM 02/04/2014 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1043Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Create Voter Outreach Through Enfranchisement Act STEPHENS 02/26/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1046Mark Radtke Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Scottish American License Plate SCOTT 04/25/2014 Senate Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1052Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Ground Water Management Dist Enforcement Auth FISCHER / JONES 03/21/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1059Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor No Disorderly Conduct For Blanks Fired At Funerals GARCIA / CROWDER 03/07/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1060Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Support Allow Cities To Compensate Planning Commissioners MITSCH BUSH / SCHWARTZ 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1061Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Formerly Opposed Eliminate Prison For Inability To Pay Fines SALAZAR / GUZMAN 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1062Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Optional Approval Voting In Nonpartisan Elections SINGER / BALMER 03/12/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1064Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Oppose Sev Tax Distribution To Local Gov Limits Oil & Gas SONNENBERG / BROPHY 01/22/2014 House Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1066Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor County Clerk And Recorder Driver's License Fee VIGIL 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1067Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Renewable Energy Electric Std REAs Move To 2025 CONTI / CROWDER 01/29/2014 House Committee on Transportation & Energy Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1074Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Allowable Expenses Renting Tax Exempt Property COURT 03/14/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1077Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Raise Cap Oil Gas Conservation & Env Response Fund GEROU / HODGE 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1080Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Sales & Use Tax Exemption For Ute Indians MCLACHLAN / ROBERTS 05/30/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1086Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Legal Notice Statewide Web Site MURRAY / JONES 03/07/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1087Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Oppose Prohibit Collective Bargaining Public Employess EVERETT 01/29/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1090Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Supermajority For A New Or Increased Fee NORDBERG 01/27/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1091Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Accurate Experience Modification Workers' Comp SWALM / JAHN 02/27/2014 House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1093Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Establish Creative District Community Loan Fund DURAN / NEWELL 05/29/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1094Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Sales & Use Tax Holiday For Back-to-school Items PABON / JAHN 04/04/2014 House Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1095Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor CBI Cyber Crime Jurisdiction KAGAN / NEWELL 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1101Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Community Solar Garden Bus Per Prop Tax Exemption TYLER / SCHWARTZ 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1103Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Securities Criteria Legal Investment Public Funds PABON / HARVEY 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1105Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Support Tax Exempt Gas Sales Between Gov Entities MITSCH BUSH / TODD 04/07/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1107Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Electronic Tax Notices TYLER / NEWELL 04/25/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1108Kevin Bommer Vetoed Monitor Copayments For Physical Rehabilitation Services PRIMAVERA / TOCHTROP 03/28/2014 Governor Vetoed
HB14-1110Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor School Boards & Executive Session PENISTON / HODGE 03/12/2014 Senate Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1111Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Retirees On Mun Vol Firefighter Pension Boards FOOTE / JONES 03/07/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1113Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Electric Renewable Energy Standard Reduction SCOTT 01/30/2014 House Committee on Transportation & Energy Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1122Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Support Keep Legal Marijuana From Those Under 21 KAGAN 03/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1123Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Rule Review Bill LABUDA / BROPHY 05/15/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1128Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Reduce Voter Identity Theft SZABO / HARVEY 02/12/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1129Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor State Provide Utilities Facility Info To Local Gov LEBSOCK 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1132Kevin Bommer H. 3rd Reading Lost Support Hours Alcohol Sales On-premises Consumption DURAN / STEADMAN 02/17/2014 House Third Reading Lost - No Amendments
HB14-1141Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Confidentiality Social Security Numbers CORAM 04/18/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1143Mark Radtke Postponed Indefinitely Support Residential Storage Condo Unit As Real Property SAINE / HODGE 04/17/2014 House Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1150Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Federal Land Coordination RANKIN / ROBERTS 02/21/2014 House Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1152Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Formerly Opposed Passive Surveillance Records LAWRENCE / SCHEFFEL 04/04/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1155Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Prohibit State Aid To NDAA Investigations WRIGHT / ULIBARRI 02/10/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1159Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Biogas System Components Sales & Use Tax Exemption YOUNG / SCHWARTZ 05/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1160Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Divisible Load Overweight Vehicle Permits MITSCH BUSH / TODD 04/04/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1161Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Preserve & Expand Amtrak Interstate Rail Service GARCIA 05/14/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1163Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Clarify Enterprise Zone Investment Tax Credit Cap HULLINGHORST / HEATH 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1164Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Support Nonpartisan Elections Not Coordinated Cnty Clerks HULLINGHORST / ULIBARRI 02/18/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1165Mark Radtke Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Private Construction Contract Retainage & Payments FISCHER / TOCHTROP 02/27/2014 House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1166Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Renewal Of Concealed Handgun Permits VIGIL / TOCHTROP 03/14/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1169Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Sunset Volunteer Firefighter Advisory Committee DORE / TOCHTROP 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1171Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Medical Evidence In Sexual Assault Cases Rules MCNULTY / ROBERTS 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1178Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Sales & Use Tax Exemption For Space Flight Prop FERRANDINO / HODGE 05/20/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1184Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Elect Pueblo Conservancy Dist Bd Flood Mitigation VIGIL / GRANTHAM 04/04/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1189Meghan Storrie Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Ease Plumbing License Requirements In Rural Areas SONNENBERG / BROPHY 02/17/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1193Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Formerly Opposed Research Retrieval Fees Public Records Under CORA SALAZAR / KEFALAS 05/02/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1196Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Local Government Marijuana Impacts Task Force GEROU / JAHN 04/30/2014 House Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1201Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Align PERA Highest Avg Salary With Other States PRIOLA / LAMBERT 02/26/2014 House Committee on Finance Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1203Meghan Storrie, Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Formerly Opposed Funding For Digital Trunked Radio Sys Maintenance DURAN / LAMBERT 05/02/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1207Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor CDPHE Household Medication Take-back Program YOUNG / AGUILAR 05/21/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1209Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Marijuana Diversion Prevention Grant Program STEPHENS 04/08/2014 House Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1213Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Pharmacy Benefit Manager Requirements KRAFT-THARP / CROWDER 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1217Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Clarify Mineral Rights Property Owned By County RANKIN 03/20/2014 House Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1218Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Replace Groundwater Depletions With Surface Water FISCHER 03/12/2014 House Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, & Natural Resources Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1219Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Water Conveying Structure Maintenance Obligations RANKIN 02/20/2014 House Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1220Meghan Storrie Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Discovery Requirements In Criminal Cases LAWRENCE 02/18/2014 House Committee on Judiciary Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1221Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Sunset Fire Supression Contractor Regulation EXUM / TOCHTROP 05/15/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1222Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Clean Energy Project Private Activity Bonds MCLACHLAN 05/30/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1225Meghan Storrie Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Require Hands-free Telephones When Driving MELTON 04/10/2014 House Committee on Transportation & Energy Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1226Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Local Government Authority To Regulate Plastics LABUDA 02/13/2014 House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1229Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Support Retail Marijuana Fingerprint Check Local Authority KAGAN 03/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1253Meghan Storrie Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Recommendations Civil Commitment Review Task Force MCCANN / NEWELL 04/14/2014 House Second Reading Laid Over to 05/09/2014 - No Amendments
HB14-1258Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Respondents' Legal Rights IEC Complaints STEPHENS 03/10/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1259Mark Radtke Postponed Indefinitely Support General Fund Transfer To State Highway Fund DELGROSSO 04/11/2014 House Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1267Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Local Government & Black-footed Ferrets FISCHER 05/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1269Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Marketplace Fairness & Small Business Protection COURT / JOHNSTON 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1271Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Mental Health Duty To Warn Target Entities MELTON / NEWELL 04/07/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1279Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Support Income Tax Credit For Business Personal Property PRIMAVERA / HEATH 06/05/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1289Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Reinvest Government Moneys FDIC Insured Accounts MCNULTY / JOHNSTON 04/25/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1297Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Analyze Health Data Regarding Front Range Oil Gas GINAL / AGUILAR 04/29/2014 Senate Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1301Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Support Safe Routes To School Program State Funding MITSCH BUSH / KERR 06/03/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1310Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Support Funding Breathalyzers For Law Enforcement GINAL / KING 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1311Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Support Job Creation & Main Street Revitalization Act GARCIA / STEADMAN 05/14/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1313Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Pet Animal License Rabies Vaccination Requirement MCLACHLAN 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1318Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Continuation Enhanced Unemployment Ins Benefits HULLINGHORST / HEATH 04/10/2014 House Committee on Appropriations Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1320Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Increase Water Right Diligence From 6 To 10 Years VIGIL 04/10/2014 House Second Reading Special Order - Lost with Amendments - Committee
HB14-1323Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Restrict Gov Access Personal Medical Information PRIMAVERA / LUNDBERG 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1326Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Tax Incentives For Alternative Fuel Trucks PRIMAVERA / HODGE 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1327Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Measures Expand Deployment Communication Networks WILLIAMS / SCHEFFEL 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1328Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Connect Colorado Broadband Act WILLIAMS / NICHOLSON 05/10/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1329Geoff Wilson, Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor Deregulate Internet Protocol Emerging Tech Telecom WILLIAMS / KERR 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1330Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Updating Telecommunications Technology Language WILLIAMS / TOCHTROP 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1331Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Regulate Basic Local Exchange Service WILLIAMS / NICHOLSON 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1336Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor 2014-15 Long Appropriations Bill DURAN / STEADMAN 04/30/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1340Meghan Storrie Signed by Governor Monitor State Toxicology Laboratory GEROU / LAMBERT 04/18/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1343Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Formerly Opposed Firefighter Peace Officer PTSD Work Comp Coverage SINGER / TOCHTROP 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1346Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Nonresident Distribution Of Hard Cider In Colorado PABON / TOCHTROP 04/15/2014 House Committee on Business, Labor, Economic, & Workforce Development Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1348Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Extend Effective Date Of Definition Of Retail Sale FERRANDINO / HEATH 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1349Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Prop Tax Exempt Nonprofit Entity Fed Tax Credits HULLINGHORST / HEATH 05/17/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1350Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Modifications To Regional Tourism Act FERRANDINO / KERR 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1354Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Cnty Clerk Standing Jud Review SOS Election Action BUCKNER 05/09/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1356Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Strengthen Penalty Authority Oil & Gas Commn FOOTE / JONES 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1361Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Support Regulation Of Marijuana Concentrates MCNULTY / GUZMAN 05/21/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1364Kevin Bommer Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Medical Marijuana SINGER 04/28/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1366Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Support Sale Of Edible Marijuana Products SINGER / JOHNSTON 05/21/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1367Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Autocycles, Motorcycles, & Motor Vehicles TYLER 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1371Mark Radtke, Kevin Bommer Became Law Without Signature Monitor Wellhead Point Of Property Valuation & Taxation YOUNG / GRANTHAM 06/06/2014 Governor Became Law
HB14-1373Mark Radtke Signed by Governor Monitor Senior & Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption LEBSOCK / CROWDER 05/26/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1374Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Neutral On-demand Air Carrier Sales & Use Tax Exemption HOLBERT / HODGE 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1375Mark Radtke Vetoed Oppose Urban Redevelopment Fairness Act DELGROSSO / TOCHTROP 06/06/2014 Governor Vetoed
HB14-1383Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Workers' Compensation Physician Choice WILLIAMS / TOCHTROP 06/05/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1389Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Sales & Use Tax Exemption For Certain IT Equipment PABON / SCHEFFEL 05/06/2014 Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1390Geoff Wilson Signed by Governor Monitor Legal Standing Of Public Open Meetings Law DURAN / BROPHY 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1392Meghan Storrie Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Internet Sweepstakes Cafes Simulated Gambling LAWRENCE 05/07/2014 Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1393Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Support Clarify Treatment Of Fed Funds For TABOR Purposes GEROU / HODGE 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1397Geoff Wilson Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Consumer Counsel Participation In PUC Rate Cases GARCIA / ULIBARRI 05/05/2014 House Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely
HB14-1398Kevin Bommer Signed by Governor Monitor Authorize Marijuana Financial Service Cooperatives GARCIA / ULIBARRI 06/06/2014 Governor Signed
HCR14-1002Mark Radtke Postponed Indefinitely Monitor Constitutional Initiative Petition Signatures COURT & CORAM / CROWDER & SCHWARTZ 04/30/2014 Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Postpone Indefinitely