Bill # PriorityCommentsPositionShort TitleSponsorsBill SummaryMost Recent Status
HB14-1029   Disabled Parking License Plates Placards PRIMAVERA / TODD Transportation Legislation Review Committee. The bill recodifies the disabled parking statutes to clarify that: * The Colorado advisory council for persons with disabilities may implement an education program; * A person may get personalized license plates with an identifying figure; * The department of revenue places a "C" on the registration of the parent of a child who is mobility-impaired and has a license plate granting reserved parking; * If an entity transports mobility-impaired people, the entity must provide a driver's license or identification document of its executive director or chief executive officer; * When a person uses a disabled placard, the placard must be visible through the windshield and hung on the rear-view mirror or placed on the dashboard; * An applicant for a license plate or placard with the identifying figure must sign an affidavit that the person for whom it is issued is eligible; * Reserved parking signs must conform to the requirements of the "Americans with Disabilities Act"; * The chief officer and the employee of a company that violates disabled parking law are each individually liable; and * The prohibition against using reserved parking for commercial purposes does not apply when the owner of the business consents to the use. Governor Signed
HB14-1050   Increase In Judges In 18th Judicial District KAGAN / GUZMAN The bill increases the number of judges for the 18th judicial district from 21 to 23. 03/14/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1082   Life Insurance Notice Of Cancellation LEE The bill specifies that cancellation of a life insurance policy is valid only if the cancellation is for reasons allowed by law. The insurer must send a written notice of cancellation and the reason for the cancellation at least 30 days before the effective date of the cancellation of the individual life insurance policy. The notice must be mailed by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, or delivered to the last-known address of the policy owner, and the insurer must retain proof of mailing for 5 years. The bill also authorizes these notices of cancellation to be transmitted electronically to the last-known e-mail address of the policy owner on file with the insurer at least 30 days before the effective date of cancellation if the policy owner consents to receive information relating to the life insurance policy by electronic means, and the insurer retains proof of electronic transmission for 5 years. 03/27/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1086   Legal Notice Statewide Web Site MURRAY / JONES Any newspaper that publishes legal notices is required, at no additional cost, to also place each notice on a statewide web site established and maintained by an organization representing a majority of Colorado newspapers as a repository for the notices. 03/07/2014 Governor Signed
HB14-1112   Authorize Clerks To Redact Social Security Numbers LEBSOCK The bill requires a county clerk and recorder (clerk) to redact the first 5 digits of a social security number from a public document filed with the clerk upon the request of the individual assigned the social security number or that individual's designee by power of attorney or appointment of personal representative, custodian, conservator, or guardian if: * The document is in electronic form; * The clerk has the equipment needed to make the redaction automatically; and * The individual requesting redaction makes the request in writing on a form provided by the clerk and pays a fee. A clerk may, but is not required to, make a requested redaction even if he or she lacks the equipment to do so automatically. 03/14/2014 Governor Signed
SB14-012   Aid To The Needy Disabled Program KEFALAS / EXUM Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force. The bill requires the department of human services, by rule, to tie the assistance payment under the program for aid to the needy disabled to an amount equal to a certain percentage of monthly income under the federal poverty guidelines. 05/22/2014 Governor Signed
SB14-013   Allowing Gifts To Old Age Pensioners KING For a person eligible for an old age pension, the bill allows the person to receive up to $300 per month in gifts, grants, or donations without reducing the amount of the pension or reporting the gifts, grants, or donations. 04/29/2014 House Committee on Public Health Care & Human Services Postpone Indefinitely
SB14-019   Status of Taxpayers Who May File Joint Returns STEADMAN / MORENO The bill requires any 2 taxpayers who may legally file a joint federal income tax return to file separate state income tax returns if they file separate federal income tax returns and to file a joint state income tax return if they file a joint federal income tax return. 02/27/2014 Governor Signed
SB14-087   Identification Card Issuance Standards ULIBARRI / FIELDS Economic Opportunity Poverty Reduction Task Force. Section 1 of the bill requires the department of revenue to offer exceptions processing at each of its offices that issue driver's licenses or identification cards. Section 2 requires the department to issue an identification card using certain documents issued by the United States government to prove lawful presence if the person applying for the card is: * At least 70 years old; or * At least 50 years old and a veteran of the armed forces. The department is also required to promulgate rules to clear up minor spelling discrepancies and to accept alternate documents showing lawful presence. Sections 3 and 4 create a simplified process for a person to change his or her name to settle name discrepancies if the person is: * At least 70 years old; or * At least 50 years old and a veteran of the armed forces. The person need not publish the name change and may get a name-based instead of a fingerprint-based criminal history check. The person must sign an affidavit saying the change is to get an identification card and will not harm other people. 05/31/2014 Governor Signed
SB14-098   Crimes Against At-risk Elders ZENZINGER / FOOTE The bill adds language that allows for "other thing of value" to the current definition of exploitation of at-risk elders, which currently includes "money, assets, or property". Language is added to the definition of "abuse" to include "exploitation". Language confining the action to someone "who exercises authority over an at-risk elder" is removed from the definition of "undue influence". Instead of referencing the crime of theft, the bill establishes a new crime of criminal exploitation of an at-risk elder. Reporting requirements related to the mistreatment, neglect, or exploitation of at-risk elders is modified so that the reports no longer have to be forwarded to the district attorney's office, but rather to a local law enforcement agency or county department of social services. 04/07/2014 Governor Signed