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Citizen Bill Center is the public-access portion of State Bill Colorado. In 2006, we became the first legislation-tracking service to offer a comprehensive search of Colorado's pending bills - at no charge - as a public service. This page can be searched and sorted how you want. You can save bills in three formats: HTML, WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat. You can also e-mail bills to others.

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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB17-1068 Prevailing Wages For CDOT Colorado Department Of Transportation Public-private Initiatives 1/11/17
A. Benavidez / D. Moreno
HB17-1182 Charter School And District Student Revenue True Up 2/10/17
A. Benavidez
HB17-1300 Apprentice Utilization In Public Projects 3/28/17
A. Benavidez / D. Moreno
HB17-1342 County Public Safety Improvements Tax Elections 4/17/17
A. Benavidez / L. Crowder
HB17-1312 Residential Lease Copy And Rent Receipt 3/31/17
A. Benavidez | T. Exum / B. Martinez Humenik | D. Moreno
HB17-1007 Tax Benefit Employer Collegeinvest Contribution 1/11/17
A. Garnett / B. Gardner
HB17-1218 Share Financial Institution Information Other Regulators 3/2/17
A. Garnett / K. Priola
HB17-1347 Transfer Student Threat And Suicide Assessment Documents 4/20/17
A. Garnett / K. Priola
HJR17-1024 Celebrate DU University of Denver Hockey Team National Championship 4/13/17
A. Garnett | C. Wist / J. Tate | I. Aguilar
HB17-1365 Liquor-licensed Drugstores Electronic Benefit Transfers 4/27/17
A. Garnett | D. Nordberg / J. Smallwood | J. Kefalas
HB17-1279 Construction Defect Actions Notice Vote Approval 3/20/17
A. Garnett | L. Saine / J. Tate | L. Guzman
SB17-029 Funding For Full-day Kindergarten 1/11/17
A. Kerr / B. Pettersen
SB17-044 Reporting Requirements By DORA To General Assembly 1/11/17
A. Kerr / J. Arndt
SB17-052 Statutory Revision Committee Colorado Department of Education Title 22 Corrections 1/13/17
A. Kerr / D. Thurlow
SB17-056 Reporting Requirements By Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment To General Assembly 1/13/17
A. Kerr / J. Arndt
SB17-070 Certify Authorizers Of Multi-district Online Schools 1/13/17
A. Kerr / D. Young
SB17-093 Operation Of Bicycles Approaching Intersections 1/18/17
A. Kerr
SB17-099 National Popular Vote Agreement 1/29/17
A. Kerr / P. Rosenthal
SB17-150 Restrict Employment Of Relatives By Public Officials 1/31/17
A. Kerr
SB17-234 Reporting Requirements By Department Human Services To General Assembly 3/17/17
A. Kerr / D. Thurlow
SJR17-032 Workers' Memorial Day 4/12/17
A. Kerr / J. Danielson
SJR17-033 Earth Day 4/12/17
A. Kerr / A. Benavidez
SB17-179 Fee Limits For Solar Energy Device Installations 2/14/17
A. Kerr | B. Gardner / L. Herod | L. Sias
SB17-268 Pharmacy Technician Supervision Ratio 3/30/17
A. Kerr | J. Smallwood / J. Ginal | K. Ransom
SJR17-039 Commemorate 50th Anniversary Vietnam War 4/19/17
A. Kerr | L. Crowder / S. Lebsock | T. Carver