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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HJR18-1022 Concerning adjournment sine die. 5/9/18
K. Becker / C. Holbert
SJR18-013 Designate Sgt. Mary Ricard Memorial Highway 5/8/18
K. Grantham | L. Crowder / K. Lewis
SJR18-012 Concerning the appointment of a joint committee to notify the governor that the second regular session of the seventy-first general assembly is about to adjourn sine die. 5/7/18
C. Holbert / K. Becker
HR18-1007 Department Of Corrections Policies For Transgender Inmate Safety 5/7/18
L. Herod | A. Benavidez
HB18-1441 500-feet-from-school Limit For Beer Code Retailers 5/4/18
T. Kraft-Tharp | C. Wist / C. Holbert | L. Guzman
SB18-280 Tobacco Litigation Settlement Cash Fund Transfer 5/3/18
K. Lambert / M. Hamner
HB18-1440 Preneed Funeral Contract Sellers 5/3/18
D. Valdez / N. Todd | D. Coram
HB18-1439 Prohibit Misleading Signs Disclaiming Liability 5/3/18
A. Winkler
SM18-001 Return USS Pueblo To The United States 5/2/18
L. Crowder | L. Garcia
HJR18-1021 Amend Joint Rule Deadlines For 2019 Legislative Session. 5/2/18
K. Becker | P. Neville / C. Holbert | L. Garcia
HB18-1438 Health Care Coverage Reproductive Health Care 5/2/18
D. Esgar
HB18-1437 Costs Of College-level Courses In Corrections Educational Program 5/1/18
L. Herod / T. Neville
SJR18-011 Designate SSG Brian Cowdrey Memorial Highway 4/30/18
K. Grantham | L. Crowder / J. Reyher
SJM18-007 Stand Up Armored Brigade Combat Team Fort Carson 4/30/18
K. Lambert | R. Fields / L. Landgraf | P. Lee
HB18-1436 Extreme Risk Protection Orders 4/30/18
A. Garnett | C. Wist / L. Court
SB18-279 Marijuana Certification Technology 4/27/18
K. Lambert
SB18-278 Increase Penalty For First Responder Assaults 4/27/18
K. Priola | B. Martinez Humenik / P. Covarrubias
SB18-277 Virtual Currency Exemption Money Transmitters Act 4/27/18
T. Neville / D. Pabon | K. Van Winkle
SB18-276 Increase General Fund Reserve 4/27/18
K. Lundberg | K. Lambert / M. Hamner | D. Young
SB18-275 Evaluate Prerequisites Seaplane Operation In Colorado 4/27/18
R. Scott | N. Todd / L. Saine | J. Melton
SB18-274 Implement Prison Utilization Studies 4/27/18
K. Lambert | D. Moreno / A. Benavidez | J. Wilson
HB18-1435 Protection Of Colorado Call Center Jobs 4/27/18
D. Esgar
HB18-1434 Safe2tell Program New Duties And Annual Report 4/27/18
J. Singer | D. Michaelson Jenet / B. Gardner | R. Fields
HB18-1433 Naturopathic Doctor Terminology And Disclosure 4/27/18
M. Gray / J. Tate | D. Coram
HB18-1432 Prohibit Housing Discrimination Source Of Income 4/27/18
L. Herod / R. Fields