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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
SJR20-024 Adjourn Sine Die 6/15/20
S. Fenberg / A. Garnett
HJR20-1013 Notify Governor Of Adjournment 6/15/20
A. Garnett / S. Fenberg
HR20-1004 Seniors And Disabled Veterans Homestead Exemption 6/13/20
T. Geitner
HR20-1003 June 2020 As Pride Month 6/13/20
S. Jaquez Lewis | B. Titone
HCR20-1003 At-home Instruction Tax Credit 6/13/20
L. Saine | M. Soper / V. Marble
HB20-1427 Cigarette Tobacco And Nicotine Products Tax 6/11/20
Y. Caraveo | J. McCluskie / R. Fields | D. Moreno
HB20-1426 Limit Emergency Spending And Authorize Additional Appropriation 6/11/20
D. Esgar | J. McCluskie / D. Moreno | B. Rankin
HB20-1425 Hospital Patient Visitation Rights During COVID-19 6/11/20
T. Geitner | E. Hooton / J. Smallwood | J. Ginal
SB20-224 Landlord Prohibitions Tenant Citizenship Status 6/10/20
J. Gonzales / S. Gonzales-Gutierrez
SJR20-023 Designate Richard "RJ" Lawrence Bridge 6/9/20
P. Lundeen / H. McKean | J. Arndt
SB20-223 Assessment Rate Moratorium & Conforming Changes 6/9/20
C. Hansen | J. Tate / D. Esgar | M. Soper
SB20-222 Use CARES Act Money Small Business Grant Program 6/9/20
F. Winter | J. Bridges / M. Young | P. Will
SB20-221 Gay Panic Or Transgender Panic Defense 6/9/20
D. Moreno | J. Tate / B. Titone | M. Soper
HJR20-1012 Convening Date For 2021 Regular Session 6/9/20
A. Garnett | P. Neville / S. Fenberg | C. Holbert
HJR20-1011 IInvestigate Price Setting Meatpacking Industry 6/9/20
E. Hooton | P. Will / D. Coram | K. Donovan
HCR20-1002 Legislative Oversight Of Governor Emergency Powers 6/9/20
L. Saine | R. Champion / P. Lundeen
HB20-1424 Social Equity Licensees In Regulated Marijuana 6/9/20
J. Coleman / J. Gonzales | V. Marble
HB20-1423 Suspend Scheduled State Legislator Salary Increase 6/9/20
K. Tipper | P. Neville / R. Woodward | R. Zenzinger
HB20-1422 Food Pantry Assistance Grant Program 6/8/20
D. Esgar | L. Cutter / R. Zenzinger | T. Story
HB20-1421 Delinquent Interest Payments Property Tax 6/8/20
D. Roberts | L. Saine / K. Donovan | J. Sonnenberg
HB20-1420 Adjust Tax Expenditures For State Education Fund 6/8/20
E. Sirota | M. Gray / D. Moreno | C. Hansen
HB20-1419 State Drug Assistance Program Funding 6/8/20
D. Esgar | L. Landgraf / D. Moreno | D. Coram
SB20-220 Freeze Member Per Diem Amount 6/6/20
D. Hisey | L. Garcia / M. Soper | M. Young
SJR20-022 Termination Of State Of Disaster Emergency 6/5/20
R. Woodward | B. Rankin / M. Baisley | H. McKean
SCR20-002 Legislative Oversight Of Governor Emergency Powers 6/5/20
P. Lundeen / R. Champion