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Citizen Bill Center is the public-access portion of State Bill Colorado. In 2006, we became the first legislation-tracking service to offer a comprehensive search of Colorado's pending bills - at no charge - as a public service. This page can be searched and sorted how you want. You can save bills in three formats: HTML, WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat. You can also e-mail bills to others.

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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB23-1014 Yield To Larger Vehicles In Roundabouts 1/9/23
A. Boesenecker / F. Winter | N. Hinrichsen
HB23-1190 Affordable Housing Right Of First Refusal 2/10/23
A. Boesenecker | E. Sirota / F. Winter
HB23-1242 Water Conservation In Oil And Gas Operations 3/12/23
A. Boesenecker | J. Joseph / L. Cutter
HB23-1209 Analyze Statewide Publicly Financed Health-care 2/17/23
A. Boesenecker | K. McCormick / S. Jaquez Lewis
HB23-1053 Veterans' Cemetery Department of Public Safety Gifts Grants Donations 1/9/23
A. Hartsook | D. Ortiz / R. Zenzinger | J. Rich
HB23-1116 Contracts Between Carriers And Providers 1/23/23
A. Hartsook | L. Daugherty / R. Rodriguez | M. Baisley
HB23-1073 State Of Disaster Emergency Length 1/19/23
A. Hartsook | S. Bottoms
HB23-1068 Pet Animal Ownership In Housing 1/19/23
A. Valdez / F. Winter
HB23-1146 Employees May Accept Cash Tips 1/31/23
A. Valdez
HB23-1154 Ballot Issue Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 1/31/23
A. Valdez
HB23-1029 Prohibit COVID-19 Vaccine To Minor Without Consent 1/9/23
B. Bradley / M. Baisley
HB23-1066 Public Access Landlocked Publicly Owned Land 1/19/23
B. Bradley
HB23-1129 Tax Credit Lifebuoy Apparatus 1/30/23
B. Bradley
HB23-1152 Prohibit Foreign Ownership Agricultural and Natural Resources 1/31/23
B. Bradley
SB23-055 Car Sharing Program Sales Use And Ownership Tax 1/17/23
B. Gardner
SB23-089 Uniform Family Law Arbitration Act 1/27/23
B. Gardner / M. Snyder
SB23-090 Uniform Commercial Code 2022 Amendments 1/27/23
B. Gardner / M. Snyder
SB23-100 Uniform Community Property Disposition At Death Act 1/31/23
B. Gardner / M. Snyder
SB23-106 Income Tax Deduction For Military Retirement Benefits 1/31/23
B. Gardner / M. Bradfield
SB23-064 Continue Office Of Public Guardianship 1/20/23
B. Gardner | J. Ginal / M. Snyder
SB23-102 Rule Review Bill 1/31/23
B. Gardner | R. Rodriguez / M. Weissman | M. Soper
SB23-024 First Amendment Collateral Challenge Court Order 1/10/23
B. Kirkmeyer / R. Pugliese
SB23-101 Candidate Ballot Access For Primary Elections 1/31/23
B. Kirkmeyer / M. Bradfield
SB23-237 NEW! Transfer To Water Plan Implementation Cash Fund 3/25/23
B. Kirkmeyer | J. Bridges / R. Bockenfeld | S. Bird
SB23-053 Restrict Governmental Nondisclosure Agreements 1/17/23
B. Kirkmeyer | R. Rodriguez / S. Woodrow | G. Evans