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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB21-1003 Legislative Proceedings During Disaster Emergency 1/13/21
A. Benavidez / S. Fenberg
HB21-1077 Legislative Oversight Committee Concerning Tax Policy 2/16/21
A. Benavidez
HB21-1083 State Board Assessment Appeals Valuation Adjustment 2/16/21
A. Benavidez / K. Priola | R. Zenzinger
HB21-1189 NEW! Regulate Air Toxics 3/5/21
A. Benavidez | A. Valdez / J. Gonzales | D. Moreno
HB21-1064 Update Processes Juvenile Sex Offender Registry 2/16/21
A. Benavidez | J. Amabile / R. Rodriguez
HB21-1036 Local Control Of Health Orders 2/16/21
A. Pico
HB21-1081 Disaster Emergency Duration Limits 2/16/21
A. Pico
HB21-1088 Annual Audit Statewide Voter Registration System 2/16/21
A. Pico
HB21-1127 County General Fund Money For Roads And Bridges 2/19/21
A. Pico
HB21-1205 NEW! Electric Vehicle Road Usage Equalization Fee 3/5/21
A. Pico
HB21-1146 NEW! Auricular Acudetox Professional Practice 3/3/21
A. Pico | D. Valdez / R. Zenzinger | R. Woodward
HB21-1178 NEW! Correcting Errors in the Colorado Marijuana Code 3/5/21
A. Pico | D. Valdez / R. Woodward | R. Zenzinger
HB21-1196 NEW! Update Senate Bill 19-263 Effective Date Clause 3/5/21
A. Pico | D. Valdez / R. Zenzinger
HB21-1048 Retail Business Must Accept Cash 2/16/21
A. Valdez / R. Rodriguez
HB21-1090 Criminal Marijuana Offenses 2/16/21
A. Valdez
HB21-1216 NEW! Marijuana Licensees Ability To Change Designation 3/5/21
A. Valdez | K. Van Winkle / J. Gonzales
HB21-1162 NEW! Management Of Plastic Products 3/3/21
A. Valdez | L. Cutter / J. Gonzales
SB21-036 Additional Requirements Issue Emergency Public Health Order 2/16/21
B. Gardner
SB21-075 Supported Decision-making Agreement 2/16/21
B. Gardner / K. Tipper | M. Young
SB21-143 NEW! Uniform Collaborative Law Act 3/2/21
B. Gardner / K. Tipper | M. Snyder
SB21-149 NEW! Wind Energy Facilities Sited Near Military Operations 3/2/21
B. Gardner
SB21-160 NEW! ModificationTo Local Government Election Codes 3/2/21
B. Gardner / M. Snyder
SB21-162 NEW! Colorado Uniform Trust Code Part 5 3/2/21
B. Gardner / M. Snyder | M. Soper
SB21-164 NEW! Uniform Easement Relocation Act 3/2/21
B. Gardner
SB21-171 NEW! Uniform Fiduciary Income And Principal Act 3/2/21
B. Gardner / M. Snyder | M. Soper