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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB24-1059 Compensation for State Elected Officials 1/10/24

R. English | N. Ricks / C. Hansen | F. Winter
HB24-1253 Sunset Regulation of Respiratory Therapy 2/12/24

R. English | R. Holtorf / J. Ginal
SB24-052 Ongoing Funding for 911 Resource Center 1/17/24

R. Fields / R. English
SB24-120 Updates to the Crime Victim Compensation Act 2/5/24

R. Fields / S. Bird
SB24-202 Assignment of Child Support Foster Youth 4/8/24

R. Fields / J. Joseph | E. Epps
SJR24-006 Missing Persons Day 1/30/24

R. Fields | B. Gardner / M. Duran | R. Pugliese
SB24-189 Gender-Related Bias-Motivated Crimes 3/25/24

R. Fields | C. Hansen / M. Weissman | M. Soper
SB24-007 Behavioral Health First Aid Training Program 1/10/24

R. Fields | D. Michaelson Jenet / B. Titone | R. Weinberg
SB24-175 Improving Perinatal Health Outcomes 3/5/24

R. Fields | J. Buckner / B. McLachlan | I. Jodeh
SB24-080 Transparency in Health-Care Coverage 1/22/24

R. Fields | S. Jaquez Lewis / M. Young | J. Marvin
HB24-1128 Enforcement of Federal Immigration Law 1/29/24

R. Holtorf / M. Baisley
HB24-1236 Women Veterans Appreciation Day 2/12/24

R. Holtorf / B. Pelton | B. Kirkmeyer
HB24-1086 Operation of Denver Health & Hospital Authority 1/10/24

R. Holtorf | J. Amabile / D. Michaelson Jenet
HB24-1142 Reduce Income Tax Social Security Benefits 1/29/24

R. Holtorf | J. Joseph / F. Winter | B. Pelton
HB24-1369 Colorado Agriculture Special License Plate 3/11/24

R. Holtorf | M. Martinez / B. Pelton | J. Marchman
SB24-121 Licensure of Critical Access Hospitals 2/5/24

R. Pelton | D. Roberts / M. Young | R. Holtorf
SB24-099 Public Employees' Retirement Association Employment after Retirement for Rural Schools 1/24/24

R. Pelton | J. Marchman / T. Winter | B. McLachlan
SB24-161 Parks & Wildlife Licenses & Passes 2/20/24

R. Pelton | J. Marchman / M. Lukens | M. Soper
SB24-220 Overweight & Oversize Motor Vehicle Permits 4/25/24

R. Pelton | N. Hinrichsen / T. Winter | M. Lukens
SB24-004 County Veterans Service Offices Administration 1/10/24

R. Pelton | R. Fields / L. Frizell | W. Lindstedt
HJR24-1024 Call for an Article V Convention of States 4/8/24

R. Pugliese
HB24-1222 Update Department of Human Services Terminology 2/7/24

R. Pugliese | B. McLachlan / J. Rich
HB24-1136 Healthier Social Media Use by Youth 1/29/24

R. Pugliese | J. Amabile / L. Cutter | J. Smallwood
SB24-061 Creating a Drug Donation Program 1/19/24

R. Rodriguez
SB24-089 Firefighter Heart Benefits Trust 1/24/24

R. Rodriguez / L. Daugherty | R. Weinberg