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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
SB24-218 Modernize Energy Distribution Systems 4/24/24

C. Hansen | S. Fenberg / M. Duran | K. Brown
SB24-217 Office of Administrative Services for Independent Agencies 4/24/24

R. Zenzinger | B. Kirkmeyer / E. Sirota | R. Taggart
SB24-216 Standards for Decisions Regarding Library Resources 4/24/24

L. Cutter | D. Michaelson Jenet / J. Joseph | E. Hamrick
SB24-215 Modify Effective Date of House Bill 24-1421 4/24/24

R. Zenzinger | J. Bridges / S. Bird | E. Sirota
HB24-1464 Designation of Highway Zones 4/24/24

R. Weinberg | W. Lindstedt / K. Mullica
HB24-1463 Restrictions on Tap Fees 4/24/24

C. deGruy Kennedy | A. Hartsook / C. Hansen | B. Kirkmeyer
SB24-214 Implement State Climate Goals 4/22/24

C. Hansen | L. Cutter / J. Amabile | K. McCormick
SB24-213 Exempt Certain Structures from County Regulation 4/22/24

S. Fenberg | B. Pelton / J. Amabile | R. Pugliese
SB24-212 Local Govs Renewable Energy Projects 4/22/24

C. Hansen | S. Fenberg / K. Brown | K. McCormick
HB24-1462 Third-Party Audit Department of Corrections 4/20/24

S. Bird | E. Sirota / J. Bridges | R. Zenzinger
HB24-1461 Exemption for College Program Completion Earned Time 4/20/24

M. Martinez | R. Pugliese / J. Gonzales
SCR24-003 Protecting the Freedom to Marry 4/19/24

J. Ginal / A. Valdez | B. Titone
SB24-211 Adjustments to the Necessary Document Program 4/19/24

N. Hinrichsen
SCR24-002 Modify Constitutional Election Deadlines 4/17/24

S. Fenberg | B. Pelton / K. Brown | L. Frizell
SB24-210 Modifications to Laws Regarding Elections 4/17/24

S. Fenberg | B. Pelton / E. Sirota
HB24-1460 Law Enforcement Misconduct 4/17/24

L. Herod | J. Bacon / J. Danielson
SB24-209 Pharmacy Practice Act 4/17/24

R. Rodriguez | J. Smallwood / M. Lindsay | S. Bird
SB24-208 Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Regulate Electricity for Electric Vehicles 4/17/24

K. Priola | F. Winter / T. Mauro | M. Rutinel
SB24-207 Access to Distributed Generation 4/17/24

S. Fenberg | C. Hansen / M. Soper | A. Valdez
SB24-206 Capitol Complex Renovation Fund 4/15/24

S. Fenberg / J. McCluskie | D. Ortiz
HB24-1459 Birth Equity 4/15/24

L. Herod | L. Garcia / J. Buckner | J. Gonzales
HB24-1458 Create Division of Animal Welfare in Department of Agriculture 4/15/24

M. Duran | R. Armagost / R. Zenzinger | D. Roberts
HB24-1457 Asbestos & Lead Paint Abatement Grant Program 4/15/24

K. Brown | T. Winter / L. Liston | J. Marchman
HB24-1456 Increase Syphilis Testing During Pregnancy 4/15/24

J. Marvin | L. Daugherty / D. Michaelson Jenet
HB24-1455 Effective Date 23rd Judicial District 4/15/24

M. Weissman | L. Frizell / R. Fields | B. Gardner