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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
SB24-004 County Veterans Service Offices Administration 1/10/24

R. Pelton | R. Fields / L. Frizell | W. Lindstedt
SB24-003 Colorado Bureau of Investigation Authority to Investigate Firearms Crimes 1/10/24

T. Sullivan / M. Froelich | M. Duran
SB24-002 Local Government Property Tax Credits Rebates 1/10/24

D. Roberts / J. McCluskie | L. Frizell
SB24-001 Continue Youth Mental Health Services Program 1/10/24

D. Michaelson Jenet | L. Cutter / K. Brown | M. Rutinel
HJR24-1002 Committee Oversight Responsibilities 1/10/24

M. Duran | M. Lynch / R. Rodriguez | P. Lundeen
HJR24-1001 Joint Session for Message from the Governor 1/10/24

M. Duran / R. Rodriguez
HB24-1044 Additional PERA Service Retirees for Schools 1/10/24

E. Hamrick | R. Taggart / C. Hansen
HB24-1043 State Contribution to Fire & Police Pension Association Death & Disability Fund 1/10/24

R. Taggart | E. Hamrick / C. Hansen | K. Van Winkle
HB24-1042 Fire & Police Pension Law Technical Corrections 1/10/24

M. Snyder | R. Taggart / C. Kolker | K. Van Winkle
HB24-1041 Streamline Filing Sales & Use Tax Returns 1/10/24

C. Kipp | R. Taggart / J. Bridges | K. Van Winkle
HB24-1040 Gender-Affirming Health-Care Provider Study 1/10/24

S. Vigil | K. McCormick / J. Marchman | F. Winter
HB24-1039 Non-Legal Name Changes 1/10/24

S. Vigil | B. Titone / F. Winter | J. Marchman
HB24-1038 High-Acuity Crisis for Children & Youth 1/10/24

M. Young | B. Bradley / B. Kirkmeyer | R. Fields
HB24-1037 Substance Use Disorders Harm Reduction 1/10/24

E. Epps | C. deGruy Kennedy / K. Priola
HB24-1036 Adjusting Certain Tax Expenditures 1/10/24

M. Weissman | L. Frizell / C. Hansen | C. Kolker
HB24-1035 Modernize Health Benefit Exchange Governance 1/10/24

A. Boesenecker | I. Jodeh / S. Jaquez Lewis | P. Will
HB24-1034 Adult Competency to Stand Trial 1/10/24

J. Amabile | M. Bradfield / R. Fields
HB24-1033 Emergency Management Plan Individuals with Animals 1/10/24

M. Snyder | E. Velasco / L. Cutter | S. Jaquez Lewis
HB24-1032 Extend Wild Horse Population Management Timeline 1/10/24

M. Lynch | M. Duran / J. Ginal | P. Will
HB24-1031 Accessibility for Persons in Child Welfare Matters 1/10/24

B. Bradley | J. Joseph / B. Kirkmeyer | D. Michaelson Jenet
HB24-1030 Railroad Safety Requirements 1/10/24

J. Mabrey | T. Mauro / L. Cutter | T. Exum
HB24-1029 Prohibit Foreign Ownership Agriculture & Natural Resources 1/10/24

B. Bradley / M. Baisley
HB24-1028 Overdose Prevention Centers 1/10/24

E. Epps / K. Priola
HB24-1027 Exemption for Children's Products 1/10/24

T. Winter / B. Pelton
HB24-1026 Local Government Tax Payers' Bill of Rights Prior Voter Approval Requirement 1/10/24

R. Bockenfeld