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Bill # StaffPositionCalendar NotificationShort TitleSponsorsMost Recent Status
SB19-001Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDARExpand Medication-assisted Treatment Pilot Program L. Garcia / B. Buentello 5/14/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-004Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARAddress High-cost Health Insurance Pilot Program K. Donovan / D. Roberts | J. McCluskie 5/17/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-006Kevin Bommer Support NOT ON CALENDARElectronic Sales And Use Tax Simplification System A. Williams / T. Kraft-Tharp | K. Van Winkle 4/12/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-008Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDARSubstance Use Disorder Treatment In Criminal Justice System K. Priola | B. Pettersen / C. Kennedy | J. Singer 5/23/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-011Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARFermented Malt Beverage And Malt Liquor License A. Williams | J. Tate / A. Garnett | H. McKean 1/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-016Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSeverance Tax Operational Fund Distribution Methodology K. Donovan | D. Coram / D. Esgar | L. Saine 12/26/2019 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to
SB19-019Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARCounty Fireworks Restrictions July 4th R. Fields / M. Gray 12/26/2019 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to
SB19-020Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDARWildland Fire Airspace Patrol System D. Coram | R. Fields / B. McLachlan 12/26/2019 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to
SB19-024Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARTaxes Paid By Electronic Funds Transfers J. Tate / J. Arndt | E. Hooton 12/26/2019 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to
SB19-028Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARAllow On And Off Premises Beer Licenses Rural Areas C. Holbert | J. Bridges / H. McKean | J. McCluskie 2/20/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-030Meghan Dollar Formerly Opposed NOT ON CALENDARRemedying Improper Guilty Pleas J. Gonzales / K. Tipper 5/29/2019 Signed by Governor
SB19-032Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARHazardous Materials Transportation Routing R. Scott / J. McCluskie 4/8/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-036Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARState Court Administrator Reminder Program P. Lee | J. Cooke / A. Benavidez | T. Carver 5/28/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-040Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDAREstablish Colorado Fire Commission D. Hisey | R. Fields / T. Carver | D. Roberts 12/26/2019 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to
SB19-049Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARStatute Of Limitation Failure Report Child Abuse R. Fields / D. Michaelson Jenet 3/28/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-054Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARMilitary Vehicle Motor Vehicle Regulation L. Crowder / D. Valdez | S. Humphrey 5/30/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-061Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSelf-contained Breathing Apparatus Testing And Certification J. Tate | R. Zenzinger / J. Arndt | E. Hooton 5/21/2019 Signed by Governor
SB19-065Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARPeer Assistance Emergency Medical Service Provider L. Garcia / T. Exum 5/14/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-067Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARRural Development Grant Program Creation D. Coram / B. McLachlan | J. Arndt 4/25/2019 Senate Second Reading Laid Over Daily - No Amendments
SB19-068Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARExpand Disclosure Electioneering Communications R. Zenzinger | J. Tate / M. Weissman | L. Cutter 4/1/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-071Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARChild Hearsay Exception R. Fields / D. Roberts 3/21/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-076Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARCDOT Colorado Department Of Transportation Consulting Engineer Contracts R. Scott / J. Rich | D. Valdez 4/12/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-078Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDAROpen Internet Customer Protections In Colorado K. Donovan | J. Bridges / C. Hansen | L. Herod 5/17/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-083Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARColorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Air Quality Control R. Zenzinger / H. McKean 3/7/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-085Kevin Bommer Formerly Opposed NOT ON CALENDAREqual Pay For Equal Work Act J. Danielson | B. Pettersen / J. Buckner | S. Gonzales-Gutierrez 5/22/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-088Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARRevised Uniform Unclaimed Property Act B. Gardner / K. Tipper | H. McKean 4/16/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-090Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARPeer-to-peer Motor Vehicle Sharing Program R. Scott / M. Gray 5/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-091Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSupport Peace Officers Involved In Use Of Force R. Fields | J. Cooke / J. Singer 4/23/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-096Morgan Cullen Monitor Friday, May 3 2019
(2) in house calendar.  
Collect Long-term Climate Change Data K. Donovan / C. Hansen 5/30/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-103Kevin Bommer Formerly Opposed NOT ON CALENDARLegalizing Minors' Businesses A. Williams | J. Tate / J. Coleman | T. Carver 4/1/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-104Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARElimination Of Duplicate Regulation Of School Building C. Holbert | M. Foote / M. Baisley | M. Gray 5/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-106Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARWithdraw Peace Officers Local Government Retirement Plan J. Cooke | R. Zenzinger / K. Tipper | C. Larson 5/6/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-107Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARBroadband Infrastructure Installation K. Donovan / D. Roberts 6/3/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-108Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARJuvenile Justice Reform P. Lee | B. Gardner / D. Michaelson Jenet | M. Soper 5/28/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-135Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARState Procurement Disparity Study A. Williams | R. Rodriguez / J. Buckner | B. Buentello 5/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-138Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARBond Requirements For Public Projects Using Private Financing F. Winter | K. Priola / S. Bird 4/16/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-141Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDAREntertainment Districts Counties Optional Premises K. Donovan / D. Roberts 5/17/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-142Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARHard Cider Exemption Wine Industry Development Act K. Donovan / J. McCluskie 6/3/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-144Morgan Cullen Oppose NOT ON CALENDARMotorcyclists And Malfunctioning Traffic Signals R. Zenzinger / D. Roberts 4/23/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-152Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSunset Public Safety Communications Subcommittee A. Williams / M. Duran | J. Arndt 4/12/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-156Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSunset State Electrical Board R. Rodriguez / T. Sullivan 5/29/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-158Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSunset Pet Animal Care And Facilities Act J. Ginal / M. Froelich 5/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-166Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDARPeace Officers Standards And Training Board Revoke Certification For Untruthful Statement R. Fields | B. Gardner / D. Roberts 5/22/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-167Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARHonor Colorado Professional Fire Fighters J. Danielson / T. Exum | M. Duran 5/21/2019 Signed by Governor
SB19-169Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARProject Management Competencies For Certain Contracts J. Tate | J. Bridges / J. Arndt | B. Titone 5/31/2019 Governor Vetoed
SB19-173Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARColorado Secure Savings Plan Board K. Donovan | B. Pettersen / T. Kraft-Tharp | C. Hansen 5/21/2019 Signed by Governor
SB19-175Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSerious Bodily Injury Vulnerable Road User Penalties M. Foote / D. Roberts 5/29/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-181Brandy DeLange Support NOT ON CALENDARProtect Public Welfare Oil And Gas Operations S. Fenberg | M. Foote / K. Becker | Y. Caraveo 4/16/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-185Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARProtections For Minor Human Trafficking Victims R. Fields | P. Lundeen / L. Landgraf | D. Roberts 5/6/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-186Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARExpand Agricultural Chemical Management Program Protect Surface Water K. Donovan | D. Coram / J. Arndt | M. Catlin 6/3/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-188Kevin Bommer Formerly Opposed NOT ON CALENDARFAMLI Family Medical Leave Insurance Program F. Winter | A. Williams / M. Gray | M. Duran 5/30/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-191Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARPrompt Pretrial Liberty And Fairness J. Bridges | V. Marble / L. Herod | S. Gonzales-Gutierrez 5/28/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-192Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARFront Range Waste Diversion Enterprise Grant Program F. Winter | K. Priola / D. Jackson | L. Cutter 5/30/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-196Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARColorado Quality Apprenticeship Training Act Of 2019 P. Lee | J. Danielson / A. Garnett | M. Duran 5/28/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-198Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARContinued Management Of Waste Tires N. Todd | D. Coram / B. Buentello | M. Gray 5/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-200Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARAlcohol Beverage Consumption National Western Center J. Gonzales / A. Valdez | S. Humphrey 5/28/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-211Meghan Dollar Monitor NOT ON CALENDARMental Health Criminal Diversion Program D. Moreno / D. Esgar 4/16/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-212Brandy DeLange  NOT ON CALENDARAppropriation General Fund Implement State Water Plan B. Rankin / D. Esgar 4/17/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-217Kevin Bommer Monitor Thursday, May 2 2019
(1) in senate calendar.
Friday, May 3 2019
(1) in house calendar.  
Healthcare Provider Liens M. Foote | J. Tate / M. Snyder | R. Bockenfeld 5/2/2019 First Conference Committee Result was to Adopt Rerevised w/ Amendments
SB19-218Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSunset Medical Marijuana Program J. Gonzales / S. Jaquez Lewis 5/29/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-220Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARHemp Regulation Alignment With 2018 Federal Farm Bill V. Marble | S. Fenberg / L. Saine | J. Arndt 5/29/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-221Brandy DeLange Monitor NOT ON CALENDARCO Water Conservation Board Construction Fund Project K. Donovan / D. Roberts 6/3/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-224Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARSunset Regulated Marijuana J. Gonzales | S. Fenberg / L. Herod | K. Van Winkle 5/29/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-225Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDARAuthorize Local Governments To Stabilize Rent J. Gonzales | R. Rodriguez / S. Lontine | S. Gonzales-Gutierrez 4/30/2019 Senate Second Reading Laid Over to 05/02/2019 - No Amendments
SB19-227Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDARHarm Reduction Substance Use Disorders B. Pettersen | J. Gonzales / C. Kennedy | L. Herod 5/23/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-228Meghan Dollar Support NOT ON CALENDARSubstance Use Disorders Prevention Measures F. Winter | D. Moreno / B. Buentello | J. Singer 5/23/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-229Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARCampaign Contributions Dependent Care Expenses F. Winter | M. Foote / S. Gonzales-Gutierrez | K. Mullica 5/30/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-232Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARCampaign Finance Enforcement M. Foote / M. Weissman 5/29/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-236Morgan Cullen Monitor Friday, May 3 2019
(4) in house calendar.  
Sunset Public Utilities Commission L. Garcia | S. Fenberg / C. Hansen | K. Becker 5/30/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-239Morgan Cullen Support NOT ON CALENDARAddress Impacts Of Transportation Changes F. Winter | J. Bridges / M. Gray | C. Hansen 5/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-240Kevin Bommer Support NOT ON CALENDARIndustrial Hemp Products Regulation V. Marble | S. Fenberg / B. McLachlan | L. Saine 5/29/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-242Meghan Dollar Monitor Friday, May 3 2019
(1) in house calendar.  
Emergency Medical Service Providers Licensing L. Garcia / C. Kennedy 5/31/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-243Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARProhibit Food Establishments' Use Of Polystyrene D. Moreno | M. Foote / L. Cutter | J. Singer 4/24/2019 Senate Second Reading Laid Over Daily - No Amendments
SB19-255Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDARGallagher Amendment Residential Assessment Rate L. Court | J. Tate / L. Herod | D. Esgar 6/3/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-260Kevin Bommer Monitor NOT ON CALENDAREntry Into FPPA Fire and Police Pension Association For Social Security Employers R. Zenzinger | J. Cooke / K. Tipper | C. Larson 6/3/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-262Morgan Cullen Support NOT ON CALENDARGeneral Fund Transfer To Highway Users Tax Fund B. Rankin | R. Zenzinger / D. Esgar | K. Ransom 6/3/2019 Governor Signed
SB19-263Morgan Cullen Monitor NOT ON CALENDARDelay Referral Of TRANs Transportation Revenue Anticipation Notes Ballot Issue To 2020 R. Zenzinger | B. Rankin / M. Gray | C. Hansen 5/29/2019 Governor Signed