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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB24-1018 College Textbook Sales Use Tax Exemption 1/10/24

A. Boesenecker / J. Marchman
HB24-1334 NEW! Broadband Service for Multiunit Buildings 2/23/24

A. Boesenecker
HB24-1175 Local Goverments Rights to Property for Affordable Housing 1/31/24

A. Boesenecker | E. Sirota / F. Winter | S. Jaquez Lewis
HB24-1294 Mobile Homes in Mobile Home Parks 2/14/24

A. Boesenecker | E. Velasco / L. Cutter
HB24-1035 Modernize Health Benefit Exchange Governance 1/10/24

A. Boesenecker | I. Jodeh / S. Jaquez Lewis | P. Will
HB24-1171 Naturopathic Doctor Formulary 1/31/24

A. Boesenecker | M. Soper / R. Pelton
HB24-1051 Towing Carrier Regulation 1/10/24

A. Boesenecker | T. Mauro / L. Cutter | K. Priola
HJR24-1014 Persian Gulf War Service Members 2/8/24

A. Hartsook | B. Marshall / B. Pelton | N. Hinrichsen
HB24-1013 Victim Programs in New Twenty-Third Judicial District 1/10/24

A. Hartsook | M. Lukens / R. Pelton | J. Bridges
HB24-1226 Tuition Assistance for Colorado National Guard & Dependents 2/8/24

A. Hartsook | M. Lukens
HB24-1156 Chamber of Commerce Alcohol Special Event Permit 1/30/24

A. Hartsook | W. Lindstedt / J. Smallwood
HB24-1069 Recycling of Single-Use Electronic Smoking Devices 1/10/24

A. Valdez
HB24-1173 Electric Vehicle Charging System Permits 1/31/24

A. Valdez
HB24-1239 Single-Exit Stairway Multifamily Structure 2/12/24

A. Valdez / K. Priola
HB24-1125 Tax Credit Commercial Building Conversion 1/29/24

A. Valdez | M. Soper / K. Priola | J. Bridges
HB24-1325 NEW! Tax Credits for Quantum Industry Support 2/22/24

A. Valdez | M. Soper / J. Bridges | M. Baisley
HB24-1029 Prohibit Foreign Ownership Agriculture & Natural Resources 1/10/24

B. Bradley
HB24-1123 Funding for School Safety Firearm Detection Systems 1/29/24

B. Bradley / K. Van Winkle
HB24-1247 Digital Education Materials 2/12/24

B. Bradley
HB24-1298 Labor Union for School Employees Due Restriction 2/14/24

B. Bradley / M. Baisley
HB24-1031 Accessibility for Persons in Child Welfare Matters 1/10/24

B. Bradley | J. Joseph / B. Kirkmeyer | D. Michaelson Jenet
HB24-1327 NEW! Sunset Physical Therapists 2/22/24

B. Bradley | M. Duran / K. Mullica
HB24-1092 Minimum Sentence Crimes against Prostituted Children 1/22/24

B. Bradley | R. English / K. Van Winkle
SB24-062 Prohibit Attorney Fees on Personal Injury Interest 1/19/24

B. Gardner
SB24-074 Jurisdiction over United States Military Property 1/22/24

B. Gardner / M. Weissman