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Bill # Description Intro / Sponsors Info
HB22-1406 Qualified Retailer Retain Sales Tax 4/26/22
L. Herod | D. Roberts / J. Coleman | N. Hinrichsen
HB22-1405 Add Faculty To Key Participant Definition For Hemp 4/26/22
M. Lindsay / S. Jaquez Lewis
HB22-1404 Colorado Critical Infrastructure Resiliency Initiative 4/26/22
T. Van Beber / R. Woodward | J. Ginal
HJR22-1024 Sexual Assault Awareness Month And Denim Day 4/26/22
D. Esgar | M. Duran / J. Gonzales | F. Winter
HB22-1403 Extend HB21-1198 Implementation Date 3 Months 4/26/22
I. Jodeh / J. Buckner
HB22-1402 Responsible Gaming Grant Program 4/26/22
A. Garnett / C. Hansen
HB22-1401 Hospital Nurse Staffing Standards 4/26/22
K. Mullica / D. Moreno
SB22-230 Collective Bargaining For Counties 4/25/22
S. Fenberg | D. Moreno / D. Esgar
SB22-229 Release Deed Of Trust Without Evidence Of Debt 4/25/22
T. Story | S. Jaquez Lewis / T. Bernett | M. Gray
SB22-228 Retail Establishments Accept Cash Enforcement 4/25/22
R. Rodriguez / A. Valdez
SB22-227 Continue Department Of Agriculture Spending Authority Agriculture Programs 4/25/22
N. Hinrichsen / D. Valdez | P. Will
HB22-1400 Procedural Requirements For State Enterprises 4/25/22
J. McCluskie | K. Tipper / D. Moreno
HB22-1399 Music Therapist Title Protection 4/25/22
D. Ortiz | A. Boesenecker / J. Ginal
HB22-1398 Insurance Companies' Registered Agents 4/25/22
S. Bird | R. Holtorf / C. Kolker | L. Liston
HB22-1397 Statewide Equity Office 4/22/22
L. Herod | S. Gonzales-Gutierrez / D. Moreno | J. Coleman
SB22-226 Programs To Support Health-care Workforce 4/22/22
S. Jaquez Lewis | B. Rankin / K. Mullica
SB22-225 Ambulance Service Sustainability And State Licensing 4/22/22
R. Zenzinger | L. Liston / D. Roberts | M. Baisley
SB22-224 Protections For Donor-conceived Persons And Families 4/22/22
S. Fenberg | B. Gardner / K. Tipper | M. Soper
SB22-223 Motor Vehicle Dealer Principal Place Of Business 4/22/22
N. Hinrichsen / M. Lindsay | M. Snyder
SB22-222 Amount Of Tax Owed Table For Initiatives 4/21/22
B. Pettersen | D. Moreno / C. Kennedy | M. Weissman
SB22-221 Minimum Age Of Motorboat Operators 4/21/22
N. Hinrichsen | D. Coram / J. McCluskie | P. Will
SB22-220 Property Tax Deferral Program 4/21/22
C. Hansen | B. Rankin / J. McCluskie | D. Esgar
SB22-219 Regulate Dental Therapists 4/21/22
D. Moreno | J. Smallwood / M. Duran | B. McLachlan
HB22-1396 Math Achievement Accelerator Grant Program 4/21/22
C. Larson | B. McLachlan / P. Lundeen
HB22-1395 Transportation Innovation Grant Program 4/20/22
C. Larson | M. Young / R. Zenzinger | C. Simpson