Amendments for HB20-1039

House Journal, February 20
49 HB20-1039 be amended as follows, and as so amended, be referred to
50 the Committee on Appropriations with favorable
51 recommendation:
53 Amend printed bill, page 2, strike lines 16 through 26.
55 Strike pages 3 through 5 and substitute:
1 "SECTION 2. Online transparency task force. (1) There is
2 hereby created the online transparency task force. Interested legislators
3 and the following individuals, or their designees, may participate in the
4 task force:
5 (a) The executive director of each principal department;
6 (b) The secretary of state;
7 (c) The chief information officer appointed pursuant to section
8 24-37.5-103, Colorado Revised Statutes; and
9 (d) The executive director of the statewide internet portal
10 authority appointed pursuant to section 24-37.7-104 (1)(o), Colorado
11 Revised Statutes.
12 (2) The task force member specified in subsection (1)(d) of this
13 section shall chair the task force and call the first meeting of the task
14 force as soon as possible. The task force shall meet as necessary at the
15 call of the chair to timely complete its duties.
16 (3) The purpose of the task force is to recommend ways to
17 enhance citizens' online access to rules and the rule-making process and
18 to increase the transparency of the rule-making process, including
19 potential improvements to existing online resources and the potential
20 creation of new online resources.
21 (4) The task force shall submit a written report that summarizes
22 its recommendations by January 1, 2021, to the general assembly's
23 committees of reference with jurisdiction over business and state affairs.
24 SECTION 3. Act subject to petition - effective date. This act
25 takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the expiration of the
26 ninety-day period after final adjournment of the general assembly (August
27 5, 2020, if adjournment sine die is on May 6, 2020); except that, if a
28 referendum petition is filed pursuant to section 1 (3) of article V of the
29 state constitution against this act or an item, section, or part of this act
30 within such period, then the act, item, section, or part will not take effect
31 unless approved by the people at the general election to be held in
32 November 2020 and, in such case, will take effect on the date of the
33 official declaration of the vote thereon by the governor.".

House Journal, February 27
13 Amendment No. 1, Business Affairs & Labor Report, dated February 19,
14 2020, and placed in member's bill file; Report also printed in House
15 Journal, February 20, 2020.
17 Amendment No. 2, by Representative Coleman.
19 Amend the Business Affairs and Labor Committee Report, dated
20 February 19, 2020, page 1, strike lines 7 and 8 and substitute:
22 "(a) The head of each principal department listed in section
23 24-1-110, Colorado Revised Statutes;".
25 Reletter succeeding paragraphs accordingly.
27 Page 1, line 14, strike "(1)(d)" and substitute "(1)(c)".
29 Page 1, line 17, after the period add "The task force shall give public
30 notice of its meetings and provide an opportunity for the public to attend
31 and comment on its proceedings.".
33 Page 1, line 18, strike "recommend ways to" and substitute "recommend:
34 (a) Ways to".
36 Page 1, line 22, strike "resources." and substitute "resources;
37 (b) Options for the design and implementation of an integrated
38 state rule-making web portal;
39 (c) Common rule-making agency reporting formats, workflows,
40 timelines, and protocols; and
41 (d) An entity to manage the integrated state rule-making web
42 portal.".
44 Page 2, line 3, strike "affairs." and substitute "affairs and cease operations
45 upon submission of the report.".
47 As amended, ordered engrossed and placed on the Calendar for Third
48 Reading and Final Passage.