Amendments for HB20-1173

House Journal, February 13
1 HB20-1173 be amended as follows, and as so amended, be referred to
2 the Committee of the Whole with favorable
3 recommendation:
5 Amend printed bill, page 3, after line 11 insert:
7 "SECTION 2. In Colorado Revised Statutes, 9-1.5-103, amend
8 (4)(b) as follows:
9 9-1.5-103. Plans and specifications - notice of excavation -
10 duties of excavators - duties of owners and operators - fee - repeal.
11 (4) (b) The marking of underground facilities shall be considered valid
12 so long as the markings are clearly visible, but not for more than thirty
13 calendar days following the due date of the locate request initiated
14 pursuant to subsection (3) of this section. except that, if an excavation
15 notice is limited to only annual road maintenance that does not exceed six
16 inches in depth conducted by a government agency on an existing
17 unpaved road, the marking shall be considered valid for up to one
18 hundred eighty days. Upon receipt of the notification, an owner or
19 operator has ten business days to coordinate the excavation activity with
20 the government agency. If an excavation has not been completed within
21 the applicable THIRTY-DAY period, the excavator shall notify the
22 notification association at least two business days, not including the day
23 of actual notice, before the end of the applicable THIRTY-DAY period.".
25 Renumber succeeding section accordingly.