Amendments for SB13-033

Senate Journal, February 15
After consideration on the merits, the Committee recommends that SB13-033 be referred
to the Committee of the Whole with favorable recommendation.

Amend printed bill, page 5, after line 8 insert:

"SECTION 3. No appropriation - legislative declaration. (1)
The general assembly finds, determines and declares that:
(a) Pursuant to article 18 of title 23, Colorado Revised Statutes,
for FY 2012-13, the general assembly appropriated $502.6 million from
the general fund for college opportunity fund student stipends and fee-for
service contracts;
(b) The fiscal impact of offering in-state tuition rates to additional
students is uncertain, because there is limited data on the number of
additional students who will be affected by this change and which
institutions they will attend;
(c) Initial estimates that up 500 additional students may attend
higher education institutions represent an increase of less than 0.4
percent in the estimated 141,905 in-state students receiving college
opportunity fund student stipends in FY 2012-13;
(d) Historically, when the total number of students receiving
college opportunity fund stipends has exceeded the estimates reflected in
the long bill, the general assembly has responded by increasing funding
for student stipends but decreasing funding for higher education fee-for-
service contracts, with a net result of no fiscal impact to the institution or
the general fund; and
(e) In light of the uncertain fiscal impact of offering in-state
tuition rates to students without lawful immigration status, it is the intent
of the general assembly that any resulting increase in college opportunity
fund student stipends will be offset through the regular supplemental
appropriations process.
(f) Furthermore, pursuant to section 23-5-130.5, Colorado
Revised Statutes, for the state fiscal years 2011-12 through 2015-16, each
higher education governing board, for the institutions it controls,
annually sets the amount of tuition to be paid by students; and
(g) Therefore, amounts shown in the annual general appropriation
act for fiscal year 2013-14 for higher education student tuition and fees
will be shown solely for informational purposes, will not represent a
limitation on institutional spending, and need not be adjusted to reflect
changes in projected revenue pursuant to this bill.
(2) Therefore, the general assembly has determined that this act
can be implemented within existing appropriations, and therefore no
separate appropriation of state moneys is necessary to carry out the
purposes of this act.".

Renumber succeeding section accordingly.


Senate Journal, February 22
SB13-033 by Senator(s) Giron and Johnston, Aguilar, Guzman, Ulibarri, Steadman, Carroll, Heath,
Hodge, Hudak, Morse, Nicholson, Schwartz, Todd; also Representative(s) Duran and
Williams, Salazar, Moreno, Garcia, Vigil, Pabon, Buckner, Exum, Fields, Foote, Kraft-
Tharp, Lebsock, McCann, Melton, Peniston, Rosenthal, Ryden, Singer--Concerning in-
state classification at institutions of higher education for students who complete high
school in Colorado.

Amendment No. 1, Appropriations Committee Amendment.
(Printed in Senate Journal, February 15, page(s) 251-252 and placed in members' bill

Amendment No. 2(L.010), by Senator Steadman.

Amend the Appropriations Committee Report, dated February 15, 2013,
page 1, line 3, strike "determines" and substitute "determines,".

Page 1, line 12, after "up" insert "to".

Page 1, line 21, strike "and".

Page 2, line 3, strike "process." and substitute "process;".

Page 2, line 12, strike "bill." and substitute "act.".

As amended, ordered engrossed and placed on the calendar for third reading and final

(For further action, see amendments to the report of the Committee of the Whole.)