Amendments for SB20-026

Senate Journal, January 30
After consideration on the merits, the Committee recommends that SB20-026 be amended
as follows, and as so amended, be referred to the Committee of the Whole with favorable
recommendation and with a recommendation that it be placed on the Consent Calendar.

Amend printed bill, page 2, strike lines 11 and 12 and substitute:
"(B) The worker visually OR AUDIBLY witnesses a death, or the
immediate aftermath of the"

Page 3, strike lines 1 and 2 and substitute:
"(C) The worker repeatedly AND EITHER visually OR AUDIBLY
witnesses the serious bodily injury, or the".


Senate Journal, February 3
SB20-026 by Senator(s) Fields and Cooke, Rodriguez; also Representative(s) Singer--Concerning
eligibility for workers' compensation benefits for workers who are exposed to
psychologically traumatic events, and, in connection therewith, establishing that a worker's
visual or audible exposure to the serious bodily injury or death, or the immediate aftermath
of the serious bodily injury or death, of one or more people as the result of a violent event,
the intentional act of another person, or an accident is a psychologically traumatic event for
the purposes of determining the worker's eligibility for workers' compensation benefits.

Amendment No. 1, Business, Labor & Technology Committee Amendment.
(Printed in Senate Journal, January 30, page 125 and placed in members' bill files.)

Amendment No. 2(L.002), by Senator Cooke.

Amend the Business, Labor, and Technology Committee Report, dated
January 29, 2020, page 1, line 2, strike "AUDIBLY" and substitute

Page 1, line 5, strike "AUDIBLY" and substitute "AUDIBLY, OR BOTH

As amended, ordered engrossed and placed on the calendar for third reading and final