Amendments for SB21-172

Senate Journal, March 22
SB21-172 by Senator(s) Danielson and Garcia; also Representative(s) Gonzales-Gutierrez and Ortiz--
Concerning creation of a fund to assist in increasing the amounts paid to persons employed
by local education providers.

Senator Lundeen moved to amend the report of the Committee of the Whole to show that
the following floor amendment, (L.002) to SB21-172, did pass.

Amend printed bill, page 2, strike lines 12 through 15.

Reletter succeeding paragraphs accordingly.

Page 3, strike line 11 and substitute "TEACHER SALARIES.".

Page 3, strike lines 14 and 15 and substitute "IN INCREASING THE SALARY PAID

Page 3, strike lines 25 through 27.

Page 4, strike lines 1 through 6.

Renumber succeeding subsections accordingly.

Page 4, line 15, strike "PROGRAM OR TO PROVIDE SERVICES AS A" and substitute

Page 4, strike lines 16 and 17.

Page 4, strike line 22 and substitute:

"22-55.5-103. Teacher pay raise fund - created. THE TEACHER".

Page 5, strike lines 3 and 4 and substitute "INCREASE THE SALARY PAID TO

Less than a majority of all members elected to the Senate having voted in the affirmative,
the amendment to the report of the Committee of the Whole was lost on the following roll
call vote:

Bridges N Gardner Y Lee N Simpson Y
Buckner N Ginal N Liston Y Smallwood Y
Coleman N Gonzales N Lundeen Y Sonnenberg Y
Cooke Y Hansen N Moreno N Story N
Coram Y Hisey Y Pettersen N Winter N
Danielson N Holbert Y Priola Y Woodward Y
Donovan N Jaquez Lewis N Rankin Y Zenzinger N
Fenberg N Kirkmeyer Y Rodriguez N President N
Fields N Kolker N Scott Y